Thursday, March 8, 2012

Don't Be Surprised By the Tears

This poem is by Rachel Barenblat from her book 70 Faces  She is a rabbi and in this book she is in deep conversation with the Five Books of Moses. "Lech Lecha" can be translated not only "go forth (from your native land) but "go forth from yourself".  Extend yourself, reach beyond yourself, take the risk of opening yourself. This is not only a physical journey, it to me is the internal one. 

Lech Lecha is what I will whisper into my boy's ears as I put them down to bed tonight.  I have heard it whispered in my ears too.  


It's not going to be easy.
All of your roadmaps are wrong.
That was another country:
those lakes have dried up
and new groundwater is welling
in places you won't expect.
You'll begin the journey in fog
destination unknown, impossible.
Don't be surprised by tears.
This right here is holy ground.
Take a deep breath and turn away
from cynicism and despair
listen to the voice from on high
and deep within, the one that says
I'm calling you to a place
which I will show you
and take the first small step
into the surprising sun.

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